Terms of services

Najahweb undertakes to work on the convenience of the customer and provide the best services and continued developing and making any extra effort in order to serve the client to his /her hosting services and servers.

Najahweb promises to keep the Customer informed and transparent about the status of the hosted server.

Najahweb is committed to provide server ,network security and stability with a 99.9% uptime.

Najahweb promises to maintain the customer’s personal data in full and in strict confidentiality and will not be disclosed to anyone rather than the governmental or international authorities, if its requested in a formal manner, and the customer will be informed directly upon disclosure of such information to them unless otherwise required.

  • Payment, renewal and cancellation:

The required service is executed after receiving the service charge requested by the customer.

In the case of renewal, the service subscription is renewed after receiving the renewal fees. The customer must follow up and check his /her service renewal and payment bills before the due date.

If you do not pay your bill, you will receive a message from Najahweb requesting the payment and reminder.

The invoice will be automatically sent at least seven days before the invoice is issued.

In case of non-payment on the last day of due date , the customer’s account will be automatically deleted from the server to provide space for another customer.

Najahweb will not be responsible for the files or contents of the terminated account in any way.

Najahweb may retain a copy of the customer’s site for a period of up to two weeks as a paid service that will be paid when you wish to process this copy to the customer.

  • Special Offers and Coupons:

Demofinf offers special offers from time to time, divided into two parts. Part I is for new customers only and the second part is for existing customers only. This means that each offer has its own conditions. Coupons are only usable in new subscriptions. It is unusable when you renew your subscription.

When you subscribe to the service with the benefit of a discount coupon, the discount will be upon subscription only and does not include renewal of service subscription.

  • Contents of sites and servers:

Customer is fully responsible for the content of the site in front of Najahweb and the other legal authorities.

Some programs and content are strictly forbidden on our servers and include all hosting services (shared hosting, cloud servers and full private servers). These include, but are not limited to (Mail Bombers / Spam, IRC, Proxy Scripts, Pirated Software / Warez, IP Scanners, Bruteforce Programs, Hacking Software, Cracks / Keygens) Prohibits the publication and distribution of copyrighted content without the prior permission of the rights owner. If Najahweb finds out, so we have the right to close this site.

It is prohibited to use any unauthorized programs or scripts. If a complaint is filed on a site that uses an unlicensed version of the producer or legal officer,the site will be closed. And ask him to delete this program or script or ask for official license from the producer party for those programs and scripts.

Prohibits the hosting of terrorist websites and also prevents incitement to groups and individuals, and the profanation of individuals and groups, pornographic or political sites attacking states’ policies in any form or manner, all of which constitute a breach of the conditions of service.

  • Move client locations from previous hosting:

Najahweb provides location transfer services to customers by switching their hosting from another provider to Najahweb servers.

The hosting team is committed to providing the best services for transferring customer data and ensuring the safety and speed of transportation.

In any case, the site transfer service is offered as an additional free service when booking a hosting service from Najahweb.

Najahweb is not obliged to provide this service in all transport cases because some other service providers do not provide a smooth data transfer, which makes it difficult for the hosting team.

And ensure the compatibility of the site before the transfer, and the integrity of files and databases after the transfer is the responsibility of the customer in the first place.

Note that you can use the paid site transfer service.
After booking the hosting service from Najahweb and bypassing the 30-day customer,he/ she is not entitled to claim any data to be hosted at Najahweb . But the customer is entitled to request a data transfer service as a one-time service.

It provides free and continuous service to private servers and cloud servers with advanced management. Private servers and cloud servers with regular management provide paid service only for transport.

  • Data loss and backup:

Customer is responsible for keeping a copy of the files on its own site (not on Najahweb servers), and we are not responsible for any missing files, information or data. Najahweb provides daily, weekly and monthly backup service (depending on the type of service) where it is implemented as fully as possible, but we may have problems beyond our control, for example the problem of not being able to complete the backup or failure of the hard drive.

We are not responsible, so please make sure you have a backup copy of your off site. We try our best, but sometimes things are something wrong happened !

  • Hacking and blocking attacks on our servers and vice versa:

The use of Najahweb servers is prohibited for carrying out attacks or hacking on networks, servers and other sites.

Najahweb has the full right to cancel the service of the customer causing such the act.

Najahweb reserves the right to defend its customers by taking any action it deems and finds appropriate without prior notice or warning.

Najahweb will not be liable in any way for any amounts paid or refunded if Najahweb finds that there is an attempt to violate or damage the server.

  • Shared Hosting Service

Multiple clients are hosted on shared hosting servers. All share resources in a way that does not harm others.The shared hosting service is intended to host websites and their contents and files, and may not be used as download centers or hosting archive files or any other content outside the scope of the sites.

Najahweb has the right to close sites that use space for other purposes.

Najahweb is committed providing common hosting servers with the same hardware quality, a stable network, up-to-date server maintenance, instantaneous server monitoring, 24/7 technical support for the hosting service itself.

Note that Najahweb is not obliged to provide technical support for the scripts hosted on the shared hosting service, and if provided technical support is a certain was appreciated and satisfied the customer.

Any attempt to penetrate or tamper with the server by one of the accounts on the shared hosting site will be deleted without any prior notice to the customer, and the client is not entitled to claim any amounts paid.

  • Area and contents:

All shared hosting plans allow you unlimited space provided that all the contents of the account are related to the site files and contents only.

Please note that some files are not allowed to be uploaded, for example, but not limited to (games, songs and download centers).

The use of the account as a space to save the files or archive files is not allowed on shared hosting plans. It is also prohibited to save or keep the PCNB Backpacks after it is created inside your account.

Any account shown to be dedicated to this order will be deleted without reference to the owner and without notice.

The account holder is not entitled to claim any rights.

  • Monthly Traffic:

shared hosting plans allow you to use limited traffic provided that such consumption is not in violation of any of the terms of the Company’s usage agreement (Najahweb).

  • Number of Files:

All plans are limited to a number of files. If this number is exceeded, the account is considered to be in violation of the agreement.

You must upgrade to a larger service (you can know how many files are available for each plan from the list of plans for shared hosting on our site).

  • Usage and Resource consumption:

For each shared hosting plan there is a limit to the consumption of resources from RAM, CPU, Processes.

If one of these factors exceeds the limit at the same moment, the site stops for some time until consumption drops below the maximum and then the site returns to work. Below is technical support, and you can see your current consumption through the cpanel panel via Resources Usage.

  • Sending:

Each of the shared hosting plans is limited in quantity – different from one plan to another – sent by the hour.

This number can not be exceeded. If this number is exceeded, the messages will be entered in a queue and divided on other hours based on quantity / number.

Included in the hosting plans, hosting plans are designed primarily to host websites securely , They also provide their own application requirements, and are not intended to host mail.

Basically, if you use the mail service on your site, you can contact us to inquire about the systems Mail for business

  • Upgrade and reduction:

You can always upgrade or reduce your plans whenever you wish. However, when the promotion is made, the difference is calculated automatically. The upgrade to the top plan is the same as the payment cycle. We always advise you to subscribe for long periods to ensure the best price

  • back up:

Najahweb provides a site-wide service (daily, weekly, monthly) via the free Acronis Backup service.

Back up databases every 6 hours while maintaining 12 previous versions and a weekly copy and a monthly copy. The site files are copied every 3 days while retaining 6 previous versions.

In any event, the customer is responsible for maintaining his position and taking the periodic backups for safekeeping

  • Hacking and DDos attacks on our servers and vice versa:

Najahweb provides a server rental service for use and hosting of site services.

Customer may also use the server for other technologies such as Virtualization, Backup or any other technologies and services that are legitimate and do not cause any harm to third parties.

Najahweb does not allow the use of the Special Servers for purposes of any harm to third parties by all means ,If this is detected by Najahweb or by other parties’ notifications, Najahweb will verify and investigate the order then take the proper action which may result in cancellation of the service provided For the client.

IPv4, each server includes one IP (1) with the total server price. IPs can be increased to 5 IPs at a monthly rate.

If more than 5 IPs are requested, 16-32 IPs (one block) can be added as a paid service per IP per month. Note that this application requires the consent of the network management and approval takes 72 hours within the working days.

Applications are accepted according to the customer’s need for additional IPS.

The request may be rejected and this depends on the client’s need for additional IPS.

Each client server is completely responsible for the safety and reputation of the IPs and not to enter the IP in the suspicious IP list due to spamming, spamming or fraud.

All servers are configured with monthly intervals that are automatically reset every 1st of each month.

When the server reaches the last 500 GB available from the Traffic, the customer is contacted and notified for the need to upgrade.

The customer has the right not to upgrade. The server is closed at 100% consumption.

The upgrade is at least one month. Larger This is always available.

All private servers are provided with regular management service free of charge, and regular management includes technical support related to hardware and network only. Najahweb is not obligated to provide any other technical support such as fixing operating system problems or adjusting settings to operate in a certain way.

In the event that the client is unable to manage the server itself, Najahweb provides advanced management service and includes all technical and technical aspects of the server. The advanced management plan does not provide administrator control on the server for the client where it is fully controlled with Najahweb , in order to ensure the stability of the server and work on it as desired by the client.

Keeping a backup copy of the data is the primary responsibility of the customer And maintaining an internal copy within the server itself is not enough, in the event of server vulnerability or hardware problem, Najahweb will not be responsible in this case.

Note that subscription to Najahweb is not included with this text.

  • Technical support for hosting and servers:

If you are interested in technical support please open a support ticket with the support section (hosting support) by logging in to your customer area.

Working Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all days of the year.

Revised: 07/07/2020